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Tubao Credit Cooperative

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SOON TO OPEN Rosario, La Union Satellite office

The Tubao Credit Cooperative will soon put up a satellite office in Rosario, La Union. The cooperative is in need of the following:



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50th General Assembly
     Tubao Credit Cooperative will hold its 50th General Assembly within 90 days from the close of the calendar year 2015.
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ROMULUS GERARD F. LAYUG                                                 -  General Manager

CARMELYN ELEANOR E. CRUZ                                               -   Treasurer

CLARITA D. DACPANO                                                              -   HR Payroll/General Services Head

VICTORIA J. ASPURIA                                                               -  Membership Services Head

JOSEPHINE R. ESTOESTA                                                          -  Teller II

CELERINA G. SORIANO                                                              -  Teller I

RENATO O. BACULO                                                                  -   Loans Field Office Head

FELICITAS S. PANEDA                                                                -  Loans Processing Center Head

CERELINA M. NIEVA                                                                    -  Loan Clerk II

ELIZABETH P. ORDANZA                                                            -  Loan Clerk I

TERESITA P. ASPURIA                                                                -  Accounting Clerk II

LETECIA D. ASPURIA                                                                   -  Accounting Head

JOSE L. ROMERO                                                                         -   IT Head

ALEXANDER GERODIAS                                                                -   Driver/Messenger

ARCHIE NIDUAZA                                                                          -   Administrative Aide

ANGELITO VILORIA                                                                      -  Administrative Aide

JESSICA ORENCIA                                                                        -  Accounting Clerk

MARILOU TORRES                                                                        -  Clerk

KATHLEEN SUNER                                                                          -  Clerk

GILBERT M. MAPALO                                                                    -  Loan Monitoring Officer

LUIS T. ALUAG                                                                                -   Loan Field Officer

JUNAR E. SORIANO                                                                        -   Loan Field Officer

MARIEL B. BELTRAN                                                                      -   Clerk

MICHELLE O. MILO                                                                         -   Clerk

KARLA LORENA E. UGAY                                                               -   Clerk



Office/Commercial Space for Rent
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Business Financing
Additional Capital
Educational Assistance
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