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Tubao Credit Cooperative

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SOON TO OPEN Rosario, La Union Satellite office

The Tubao Credit Cooperative will soon put up a satellite office in Rosario, La Union. The cooperative is in need of the following:



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50th General Assembly
     Tubao Credit Cooperative will hold its 50th General Assembly within 90 days from the close of the calendar year 2015.
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Loans are classified according to the purpose for which the loan accommodation has been applied, however, they maybe also classified according to security. The classification of loans according to four (4) categories is intended for standard recording purposes particularly in the books of the coop. The following are the four basic classifications of loans according to purpose:


Personal Loans

Loans proceeds for this type of loan shall be used for the personal consumption of the member-borrower. All other purposes which do not fall under the succeeding types of loans will be considered as personal loans.


Productive/Business Loans

This loan is usually granted to members engaged in business. This is usually intended for working capital requirements or for purchase of equipment to be used for business or other fixed assets related to business operations.


Agricultural Loans

Loans used for agricultural purposes like hog raising, farming, poultry, purchase of machineries for farming or fishing, and other agricultural endeavors are considered as agricultural loans.

Other agricultural loans under this category include fishing boat financing, industrial loans, farm equipment financing, etc.


Real Estate Loans

The purpose of this loan is to finance the member’s shelter requirements like purchase of lot, purchase of house and lot, construction of house, and major repairs of the house. Minor repairs of the house may be lodged under personal loans.



Office/Commercial Space for Rent
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Business Financing
Additional Capital
Educational Assistance
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