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Tubao Credit Cooperative

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SOON TO OPEN Rosario, La Union Satellite office

The Tubao Credit Cooperative will soon put up a satellite office in Rosario, La Union. The cooperative is in need of the following:



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50th General Assembly
     Tubao Credit Cooperative will hold its 50th General Assembly within 90 days from the close of the calendar year 2015.
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 “Words cannot express how grateful we are to the Tubao Credit Cooperative. The cooperative enabled us to fulfil our dreams in life of having a passenger jeep and a house which we can call our own. From the amount of One hundred twenty-five thousand pesos as our initial loan, we bought a jeep which is now earning more or less One thousand pesos a day. The following years, due to our prompt repayment, we were allowed to renew yearly so we had a total loan of Six hundred sixty-five thousand pesos. Out of these loans we were able to construct a beautiful house and feel proud that out of the earnings of the jeep, we are able to send our children to private schools. We are able to pay monthly our loans because we don’t have any loans from other lending organizations, be it government or non-government, except the Tubao Credit Cooperative.”
                                                                                                                Florante A. Abad - Jeepney Operator
                                                                                                                Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union                                                                                                     
Spouse: Gloria C. Abad – Teacher
Feherson Jay          -   Saint Louis College
April Jean               -   Saint Louis College
Jeremy Jean           -   Saint Louis College
Liezel Joyce            -   Felkris Academy
Office/Commercial Space for Rent
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Business Financing
Additional Capital
Educational Assistance
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