Master Teacher I, Tubao La Union I was in the grade school when I heard about ‘TUBAO CREDIT COOPERATIVE.” There are lots of positive things I’ve heard about it. Actually, my parents are also members. We were able to finish our education until we became degree holders together with my two sisters, MarielPanelo Estoque and Arlyn Panelo. It is because of the amount of money my parents borrowed from the Cooperative.

Way back 2003; a blessing came from God because I was able to fill a teaching position in a Central School in our town. At that time, I asked my parents how to become a member of the Cooperative because I want to become a member, too. They asked me to visit their office and I did it. I attended the PMES until I became a member. There came a time when we encountered financial problem and since I’m already employed in a government service, I decided to apply for salary loan for teachers and Tubao Credit Cooperative was very willing enough to lend me that certain amount. I also used the rest of the money in my education. I enrolled in the graduate studies and took up Master of Arts in Educational Management. Because of dedication and commitment to my profession, I was promoted from Teacher I to Master Teacher I and just last year I was awarded as One of the Most Outstanding Public School Teacher in La Union.

 Tubao Credit Cooperative is really a blessing for me. I was able to sustain the education of my younger brother in college because of the salary loan offered by TCC. He finished Bachelor in Elementary Education and now a teacher like me. He is Alvin T. Panelo and now teaching at Saint Isidore School of Tubao. The amount and the trust given me by the TUBAO CREDIT COOPERATIVE helped me fulfill and realize my dream as well as the dream of my younger brother Alvin.Truly…. “Gapukenka TUBAO CREDIT COOPERATIVE Rigattibiagmaibturan, Gapukenka TUBAO CREDIT COOPERATIVE Panagrang-ay masarakan.”



Catalina Boado Garcia San Nicolas West, Agoo, La Union (Fisherfolk)

Fisherfolks are one among the sectors of our community who comprise membership in the Tubao Credit Cooperative. They live along the coastal barangays of the municipalities of the province of La Union. Fishermen or “mang-ngalap” as they are often called in our local dialect, greatly depend on fishing as means of their livelihood.

This livelihood is quite difficult and risky particularly when the weather is not fine and the sea is rough. Likewise, their income is not stable, especially when a fisherman does not own a fishing boat. However, this irony in life is negated, when one has a positive approach in life. This positive approach in life, is exemplified by one fisherman in the name of Lumer Garcia of barangay San Nicolas West, Agoo, La Union. He is sixty five (65) years old, married to Catalina Boado of whom they were blessed with six (6) children, four (4) girls and two (2) boys. Mr. Lumer Garcia is a typical fisherman who lives below the threshold of poverty.

 He stays in a typical house made of indigenous materials located near the seashore. Although he owned a motorized boat or “banca” which he used for fishing to earn a living in sustaining his family, still, Mr. Garcia has to double his efforts in order to send his children to college. This financial predicament signalled the couple to join and became members of the Tubao Credit Cooperative. Mr. & Mrs Lumer Garcia originally availed of a small productive loan from the cooperative and eventually obtained a bigger sum in their succeeding loan availment, because they promptly settled their loan obligations

They are classified as members in good credit standing. His patience, hard work and a loan capital from Tubao Credit Cooperative, fortunately enabled him to raise his income and acquired four (4) more motorized fishing boats. He was able to send his children to college. His six children are now professionals, one is a doctor, the others are nurse, midwife, engineer, criminologist, and HRM graduate. Their present house is now a new two- storey concrete edifice, harmonized with a brand new service car. Indeed, the fruit of the toil of Mr. & Mrs. Garcia is a shining example of a successful member/borrower of Tubao Credit Cooperative. To God be the glory ! ! !


This is a testimonies and success story of one of the trainees who underwent the Skills Training on Welding provided to Person with Disabilities sponsored by the TCC held on August 05, 2013 toAugust 10, 2013


Age : 56 years old

Address : Brgy. Garcia, Tubao, La Union

Educational Attainment : Vocational Course

Graduate Occupation : Triycle Driver/ welder


Victoriano is among the trainees who underwent training on Welding which to him was a big opportunity for him to develop and acquire additional skills despite of his disability which he got when he was five years old. It was his left foot which got deformed being a Polio victim. This disability did not mar him in taking up Refrigeration and Aircon for a period of one year but so unfortunate that he did not sustain these skills due to financial limitations being unable to have the financial means to purchase his own tools, which accordingly are so expensive which he claimed he cannot afford. With no tools of his own, his interest decreased until he got into driving a tricycle which he learned from his own father. With strong determination to earn an income for his family, he then learned to drive, as well as make minor repairs on tricycles from his father who taught him these skills of which he is very grateful because going to school to learn such would entail much expenses which his family cannot afford at that time.

With Six children to support, he did not stop looking for more opportunities so that he also engaged on farming to augment the income he gets from driving a tricycle. Determined to earn more for his family, he took the opportunity to undergo the Training on Welding sponsored by the Tubao Credit cooperative, thus, completed the Five-day training Program which was held August 05,2013 to August 10,2013.Other Twenty Four persons with disabilities also attended the training of which many of them were able to use the skills with Mr. Victoriano Drapiza, being one of those who benefited much from it as he is able to increase his income by more or less Eight Hundred pesos in a week time so that he claims he is so grateful that the Tubao Credit Cooperative has provided such opportunity to him for it did not only earn him additional income but also increased his feeling of worthiness since his disability was not an obstacle for him to acquire additional skills. He is very proud that since he acquired the skill, he is able to make repairs and improvement of tricycle parts easier and also is able to do welding of window drills. The provision of the welding machine by the TCC was to him a great help and looks forward to putting up a welding Machine Shop together with the other persons with disabilities who underwent training.

 With an increased income, he claims he is able to help his married children in in augmenting the basic needs of his grandchildren .As a member of the Tubao Credit Cooperative, he says he is so proud that TCC has given importance in helping not only members of the cooperative but also non-members who were later motivated to become members.



 Kathleen Mae Jean V. Suñer (Educational Assistance Grantee)

From An Educational Assistance Grantee To A New Employee Kathleen Mae Jean Suñer Soriano is one of the grantees for educational assistance of Tubao Credit Cooperative. She is the 3rd child among the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Suñer who are both members of the cooperative. She took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2008 at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Agoo, La Union. As a student, Kathleen was a very diligent one. She had good grades every end of the semester. However, she faced a very great challenge in her life when she needed to stop from going to school due to pregnancy. As a policy of the Cooperative, the educational assistance grant should have been terminated. However, for humanitarian reason, Kathleen was given consideration especially because she was doing well in school before she stopped.

 Kathleen was so grateful for the opportunity given to her. The more that she gave her best in her studies. The greatest challenge was to study while taking care of her baby. She needed to work double time. Her being a mother was her inspiration to pursue her dreams and to graduate. Despite her condition, she was able to hurdle all her challenges. She finished her degree with flying colors last March 2013. After graduation, she started to apply for a job in various institutions including TCC. Incidentally, TCC is in need of a Clerk that time, so she was considered for the job. As an employee, Kathleen is seen as a very promising one possessing very good qualities like dedication and commitment to work, willingness to learn and humility. She has also established good working relationship with her co- employees. For Kathleen, she will forever be grateful to Tubao Credit Cooperative. She said that she will serve TCC and promised excellent service for the members and with her co- employees.